Although a number of people, not many though, are currently conversant with the valet business as provided by public and private enterprises, many are not familiar with certain tips that can make their experience with valet parking better. To some people, it is just a kind of arrangement where an establishment helps people to pack their vehicles for convenience. While it is partly true, the fact is that it is not just as simple as a local parking arrangement.

The first tip that many are not aware of is that a pleasant and respectful customer attracts a better service. Just like any other service offered to the public, treating the attendants nicely always comes along with a nicer treatment. A valet feels more responsible when handling your car as he or she does not want to pay back your nice etiquette with annoyance. Therefore, the attendant will do all he can to see you happy. In cases where you as the customer has asked the valet to get your vehicle due to a forgotten item, it is quite important therefore to also appreciate the extra service by giving an extra incentive just to be nice.

Furthermore, do not be too stingy to give a tip to the valet with an assumption that you have already paid for the service. this takes me to my previous point; a nice treat attracts a nicer service. When you tip a valet, you take the shortest route to his heart and it further helps to improve the service your car will receive. Another tip you need to know is that you will not be overreacting when you remove your valuables from the car. Leaving valuables in the car might tempt the valet to steal from you so a quick way of preventing this is removing them. If you cannot remove the valuables then ensure that the valet notices them in your presence as this will make it difficult for him to steal.

Today, establishments are either contracting or hiring a valet service provider with professionals in the industry. Well, if you thought it is like sending a turn boy to park a customer’s car, then you are wrong as I have highlighted a number of tips that can make your experience with the valet parking service even better.