Important Tips for a Better Valet Parking Experience

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Although a number of people, not many though, are currently conversant with the valet business as provided by public and private enterprises, many are not familiar with certain tips that can make their experience with valet parking better. To some people, it is just a kind of arrangement where an establishment helps people to pack their vehicles for convenience. While it is partly true, the fact is that it is not just as simple as a local parking arrangement.

The first tip that many are not aware of is that a pleasant and respectful customer attracts a better service. Just like any other service offered to the public, treating the attendants nicely always comes along with a nicer treatment. A valet feels more responsible when handling your car as he or she does not want to pay back your nice etiquette with annoyance. Therefore, the attendant will do all he can to see you happy. In cases where you as the customer has asked the valet to get your vehicle due to a forgotten item, it is quite important therefore to also appreciate the extra service by giving an extra incentive just to be nice.

Furthermore, do not be too stingy to give a tip to the valet with an assumption that you have already paid for the service. this takes me to my previous point; a nice treat attracts a nicer service. When you tip a valet, you take the shortest route to his heart and it further helps to improve the service your car will receive. Another tip you need to know is that you will not be overreacting when you remove your valuables from the car. Leaving valuables in the car might tempt the valet to steal from you so a quick way of preventing this is removing them. If you cannot remove the valuables then ensure that the valet notices them in your presence as this will make it difficult for him to steal.

Today, establishments are either contracting or hiring a valet service provider with professionals in the industry. Well, if you thought it is like sending a turn boy to park a customer’s car, then you are wrong as I have highlighted a number of tips that can make your experience with the valet parking service even better.

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Valet parking in a nutshell

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Valet Parking
Events and Social gatherings are just some of the activities that we need to attend. From birthday parties, school events, wedding ceremonies up to usual gatherings hosted by our friends are common to our lives. In these situations, valet parking is indeed a great help.

What is valet parking by the way?
Valet parking is a service in which guests at the certain event can have their cars parked by an attendant or a valet.

Benefits of valet parking
Valet service gives you convenience. After arriving, you can just leave your car to the valets and go directly to the event. And also, if you have tons of loads in your bumper, valets can give you a hand in bringing those heavy and fragile things to the event.
Valet service gives you security. Valets are reliable attendants. When you are in an event, you won’t worry about safety of your car. By the help of the valets, you can actually leave your car at the event entrance with a peace of mind.
Valet service gives you safety parking. If you are hesitant of your parking skills, valets are skilled drivers that can park your cars safely.
Parking area will be maximized. Since the parking will be done by the valets, cars will be park in organized manner in the parking area.

For you to be classier here are some tips in using a valet service.
Clean up your car. For you not to get embarrassed by the valet and the people looking around your car, make sure you wash your car even just a little bit.
Provide some tip for the valet. You should have cash on hand for you to give some tip to the valet. Be kind and considerate enough to the valet in giving you a hand eagerly and in accommodating you respectfully.

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Vendors make or break a wedding

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When you’re planning a wedding, you want to make sure you choose your vendors wisely. Vendors can make or break a wedding, because after all they are responsible for every aspect of a wedding.

If you have a budget to afford a wedding planner, this is definitely the most important person to decide on. This person will have all the contacts from years of experience, and have worked with many of the same vendors. They will know which vendors have a good reputation and provide quality at each wedding , consistently. Consistency is very important in this industry.

If you dont have a budget for a wedding planner, here are the types of services you might want to consider. The number one, and most important would be the catering. After all, what would a wedding be if you didn’t provide food for your guests. You can go with a traditional american style food, or more ethnic food, or get more creative and hire a “taco truck” to park on your property and just have guests walk up to the truck and order. The next vendor in order of importance (although subjective) would probably be the Dj. Most good Dj’s will have a variety of music, even though they have their own preference and style. Some might be more inclined to play certain types of music. Don’t be afraid to ask the Dj questions about his music. One of the last things that someone planning a wedding thinks about is usually the parking situation. Ironically, this is sometimes one of the most important things, depending on the venue. A valet company that offers a more in depth article related to valet parking at weddings is ENC Valet parking. Click here,, to check out the article. This article has some good suggestions to think about when considering a valet service. More things can be read regarding valet, here. This link will give you a broad overview of the subject and make you more well rounded on the subject.  Some other smaller services to consider could be a photo booth, or candy table/kiosk or possibly porta potties if its in a remote area.

Make sure you read and Yelp reviews of these vendors, and make sure you cross reference. Yelp seems to have a better algorithm set up to catch fake reviews, so I would be more inclined to read and trust yelp reviews.

There will probably be somewhat of a significant price difference for some of these services, so I would get a quote from at least three different vendors for the same type of service being considered.

A great wedding can happen with some time and effort on your part, or that of a hired wedding planner. You’re wedding will only happen once, in theory, so make sure you make it memorable. Make sure you respect your guests by taking the time to research and hire quality vendors.

Have a GREAT wedding!

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Six Reasons you Should Provide Valet Parking at your Wedding

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For anyone who has been part of the planning process of a wedding event, the experience might have either been exciting or overwhelming. In most cases, the planning process ends up becoming overwhelming due to the many things that one is supposed to consider. Sometimes, you may even find yourself forgetting or rather missing out of significant details of the event.

Despite being a necessity, parking is one of the most important element you’re likely to forget including in your plan. Of course, the parking situation usually goes unnoticed until your guests start arriving and someone realizes there’s no space for their vehicles. The parking may be difficult to find, or the available space could be limited. This is the time you’ll start looking for ways to contact a valet parking service for your event. Unlike popular belief, valet parking service is a necessity and offers the luxury every wedding event can afford. Here are six reasons why you need valet parking service at your upcoming wedding event.

Safety for your Guests’ Vehicles

Ever been in a wedding celebration where everything went well until you returned to your car only to discover some of your items are missing? Such occurrences leave someone with awful memories that might make it difficult for them to attend any other wedding event. Hiring a professional valet service will increase the safety of the vehicles at your wedding. Professional attendants will help your guests as they come in and out of their vehicles thereby preventing any accidents. The fact that they keep an eye of the vehicles means there won’t be any cases of vandalism or theft in the parking area.

First Class Front Door Service for your Guests

A wedding celebration is one of those special days in your lifetime. It’s a one-day event that leaves you with exciting memories all your life. This is the time to show everyone coming including your guests how much you cherish, value and appreciate them. One way to do that ensuring they get a classy, front door service to take care of all their parking needs. It not only adds elegance to your special day but also shows that you appreciate everyone for his or her attendance.

Parking Management

As mentioned, professional attendants will help increase the safety of your guests’ vehicles in the parking area. The work of these attendants also involves managing the vehicles at the event and ensuring guests don’t just park where they want without order. Hiring a Valet parking service will help increase the parking capacity. First of all, the attendants will be in charge of the traffic flow and will ensure it flows smoothly.  is a good example of a company that exhibits great parking management and operational abilities. read their website and check out their reviews and you will be able to learn a lot from them.

Help your Guests Deal with Extreme Weather Conditions

No matter how much you plan for your wedding, you might have a difficult time dealing with unpredictable weather. Hiring a valet parking service can help you deal with extreme weather conditions such as rain, cold, strong wind, and heat. Your guests won’t have to worry about the summer heat or the cold weather during winter.

Providing valet service for your wedding event will make everyone feel valued and appreciated for being part of your special day. Note that this is going to the first and last point of contact for your guests as they drive to and from your wedding. You don’t want anyone leaving your event with bad memories of how they lost some of their belongings in their vehicles. It’s time to leave a lasting, positive impression.

For more information on valet parking service and all things related, go check out the page on the topic.

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